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Quantitative Analysis Methods

Data-driven analysis

GemCue adopts a data-driven approach to market analysis, digging deep into patterns and trends in historical data to provide solid data support for investment decisions.

Multi-factor models

Companies use multi-factor models to analyze and predict the market, which take into account multiple factors such as macroeconomic indicators, industry dynamics, and company fundamentals.

Time Series Analysis

GemCue values the analysis of market time series data to identify and capitalize on market cyclicality and trends.

Investment Algorithm

Algorithmic Trading System

GemCue has developed an advanced algorithmic trading system that can automatically execute complex trading strategies in a very short period of time, improving trading efficiency and accuracy.

Machine Xi applications

The company actively uses machine Xi technologies, such as deep learning Xi and natural language processing, to extract valuable information from massive data and optimize trading strategies.

Risk Management Algorithms

Emphasizing the importance of risk management, GemCue has developed a series of algorithms for assessing and controlling investment risk, including Value Risk (VaR) and Conditional Value Risk (CVaR) calculations.

Technological Advantages and Innovation

Technology-Driven Investment

GemCue’s quantitative investment strategy is entirely based on technical analysis and algorithmic decision-making, reducing the interference of human emotions and biases.

Continuous technological innovation

The company continues to invest in technology research and development, and constantly explores new data sources, analysis methods and trading algorithms to adapt to the changing market environment.

Adaptive Market Strategy

GemCue’s quantitative strategy can adapt to market changes and effectively respond to market fluctuations by analyzing and adjusting strategies in real-time.

Customer Service Philosophy and Method


GemCue adheres to the service concept of “customer-centric” and is committed to providing personalized and high-quality services to each customer. We believe that a quality customer experience is the key to our success.

Tailor-made investment strategy

Tailor-made investment strategies for each client based on their investment objectives, risk appetite and market conditions.

All-round customer support

Provide professional customer support and consulting services to ensure that customers can receive timely and effective help in every investment link.