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Experienced Since 2020

Founded in 2020, GemCue adheres to the mission of “Digital Drives the World, Intelligence Lights Up Life”, and is committed to becoming the world’s leading digitally enabled company.

Driven by AI technology, GemCue provides scenario-based digital empowerment services for multiple industries by relying on leading closed-loop scenario-based service capabilities, modular operation capabilities, large-scale product and service output capabilities, and strong AI empowerment capabilities, helping them realize the deep digital integration of scenarios, technologies, traffic, operations, goods, and services.
With its advanced business model and excellent management team, GemCue has reached in-depth business cooperation with many enterprise and institutional customers and is committed to working with partners to create a more dynamic win-win ecosystem, empower a better life through scenario-based digital, and promote the sustainable development of the digital economy.

Major Achievements & Business Expansion

Technological breakthroughs

GemCue has achieved remarkable results in quantitative trading algorithms and data analysis models, especially in the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning Xi technology.

Market Performance

The company has successfully applied its quantitative strategies to a variety of financial markets, including equities, bonds, and futures markets, demonstrating superior asset management capabilities and stable yields.

Industry recognition

GemCue has won wide recognition in the industry for its innovation and professionalism, including receiving several awards and honors in the fintech field.

Customer base

The company has established an extensive global customer network, including individual investors, institutional customers, and corporate partners, and customer satisfaction continues to be high.

Business Expansion

Diversified Investment Products: As the company grows, GemCue continues to enrich its investment product line to cover a wider range of financial instruments and markets

International market expansion

The company actively expands the international market and has established several overseas offices to better serve global customers.

Technical Cooperation and R&D

GemCue It has established cooperative relations with several top scientific research institutions and financial technology companies to jointly carry out the research and development and application of quantitative trading technology.

Risk management optimization

To cope with more diversified market risks, the company has strengthened the construction of a risk management system and improved the efficiency and accuracy of risk control.

Our advantages

Deeply rooted in digital solutions delivered on our applications

Proven track record of innovating and operating closed-loop digital solutions to serve business partners

Effectively discover and manage goods and services provided by business partners and expected by target end users

Powerful AI empowers user feature analysis, recommendation, and matching capabilities

Scalable, modular, and proven technology platform

An excellent elite management team committed to digital transformation empowered by digital technology


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